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Полска соопшти дека Германија одбила разговори за репарации од Втората светска војна




Germany has rebuffed Poland’s latest request for large reparations over World War Two. Responding to a diplomatic note, the Foreign Ministry in Warsaw stated Tuesday (3 January) that the issue had been closed.

A spokesperson for Germany’s foreign ministry stated that it had replied to a Polish letter on the subject in October. He did not comment on diplomatic correspondence.

Полска процени нејзината загуба од Втората светска војна за Германија од 6.2 трилиони злоти (1.4 трилиони долари) и бараше репарации. Сепак, Берлин постојано изјави дека сите финансиски побарувања поврзани со војната биле подмирени.

Arkadiusz Molczyk, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, stated that “this answer, to sumit it up, shows an absolut disrespectful attitude toward Poland and Poles.” He spoke in an interview with Polish Press Agency.

“Germany doesn’t pursue a friendly policy toward Poland. They want to expand their sphere of influence there and treat Poland like a vassal.”

Mularczyk answered a question about continued dialogue with Germany on compensation. He said that it would be “through international organizations”.

Шест милиони Полјаци беа убиени, вклучително и три милиони полски Евреи. Варшава, исто така, беше срамнета со своите темели по востанието во 1944 година во кое загинаа околу 200,000 цивили.


Under Soviet Union pressure, Poland’s communist rulers gave up all claims to war reparations in 1953. They wanted to release East Germany, another Soviet satellite, from any liabilities.

The ruling Polish nationalist Law and Justice party (PiS), claims that the agreement is invalid as Poland failed to negotiate fair compensation. Since 2015, it has been a force for justice in Poland and made promotion of Poland’s wartime victims a key part of its appeal to nationalism.

PiS’s combative stance toward Germany, which was often used to mobilize its constituency has caused tensions with Berlin.

Last October, the German foreign minister Annalena Bock stated that the pain suffered by Germany in World War Two was “passed along through generations” in Poland. However, the matter of reparations was closed.

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