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Премиерот на Обединетото Кралство Џонсон добива извештај за забавите за заклучување на Даунинг Стрит




Британскиот премиер Борис nsонсон (На сликата) delivered a statement to parliament on Monday (31 January) after he received a civil servant’s report on parties at his Downing Street residence that appeared to breach coronavirus lockdown restrictions, пишувам Вилијам Џејмс Кајли Меклелан.

Џонсон, кој се соочува со најголема закана за неговата премиерска функција над наводните забави во неговата резиденција и канцеларија на Даунинг стрит број 10, досега ги издржа повиците на противниците и некои од неговата партија да поднесе оставка велејќи дека луѓето треба да го чекаат извештајот од високи граѓански слуга Сју Греј.

However, the report will be limited in what it reveals. It will only describe events that are not under investigation by London’s Metropolitan Police – a move that has drawn criticism from opposition lawmakers who say it has handed the prime minister a means to dodge the truth.

Gray is looking into what has become weeks of a steady drip of stories about events in Downing Street, with reports of aides stuffing a suitcase full of supermarket alcohol, breaking a children’s swing and dancing until the early hours.

Accounts of more than a dozen gatherings – including a “bring your own booze” party in the Downing Street garden – have provoked widespread public anger, fuelling the perception that the political elite failed to stick to the tough lockdown rules they set for the rest of the country.

The prime minister’s spokesman has said that Johnson does not believe he has broken the law.

“We can confirm that Sue Gray provided that update to the prime minister,” the spokesman said.


“The findings will be published and made available in the House of Commons library this afternoon and the prime minister will then provide a statement…when people have had the opportunity to read and consider the findings.”

Gray is looking at several allegations that officials, and Johnson, attended parties in Downing Street and other government offices in breach of the rules they had themselves imposed on the population to fight the coronavirus pandemic. One took place on the eve of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Gray’s report was seen as crucial to his fate, but its impact might be softened after the opening of the investigation by the police into whether criminal offences had been committed.

They asked her to make only “minimal reference” to the events they are looking into.

Како резултат на полициската истрага, документот од Греј не е целосната сметка што инаку би ја добил Џонсон. Ажурирањето ќе биде објавено подоцна во понеделник, а Џонсон, исто така, ќе даде изјава пред парламентот во 1530 GMT.

“The fact that Number 10 is backpedaling on ever releasing the whole Sue Gray report is as disgraceful as it is predictable,” Ed Davey, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrat party, said on Twitter.

Но, доцнењето во доставувањето на извештајот, исто така, им даде време на Џонсон и неговите поддржувачи да се обидат да ги убедат колегите да не му се гласа за доверба.

Asked if he thought he had broken the rules, Johnson said earlier on Monday: “You’re going to have to wait and see the outcome of the investigations … but of course I stick absolutely to what I said in the past.”

Џонсон се извини за направените грешки и рече дека присуствувал на една забава во градина мислејќи дека тоа е работен настан, но ги отфрлил повиците да се откаже.

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