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#LabourMEPs: „Мораме да се бориме за да обезбедиме заштита на нашите права на работното место и да работиме на нивно зајакнување“




Glenis Willmott

Труд Пратениците го поздравија на 25 февруари TUC извештај со детали за главните права од работен однос што ќе биде во опасност ако Велика Британија ја напушти ЕУ, и ги повтори повиците за овие права не само за да бидат заштитени, но продолжи.

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“As a result of our EU membership, working people have major rights like paid annual leave, equal pay, protection from discrimination, parental leave, protections for pregnant women and new mothers, and fair treatment for part-time workers. The workplace rights of millions of working people will be under threat, as well as the jobs that are dependent on our trade with EU countries, if we vote to leave the European Union.

“When you look at what the Tory government is doing with the trade union bill, just imagine what they will do if we were outside the EU, and they were free to water down and abolish these rights.

“It is thanks to the work of Labour MEPs and our trade union colleagues that British workers will continue to enjoy these rights if we vote to remain in the EU, and we will work to strengthen these protections. For example, we are pressing the European Commission and national governments to take action on zero-hours contracts and insecure work, which millions of working people are subject to, denying them financial security.”


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