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#Steel ЕП назад хартија бараат од ЕУ да ги бранат индустрии од неправедни трговски практики




Кина-steel9Европратениците од комитетот за индустрија, истражување и енергетика на Европскиот парламент денеска гласаа за извештајот на трудот во кој се повикува ЕУ да ги преземе сите неопходни мерки за одбрана на европските индустрии од неконкурентни практики, вклучително и фрлање ефтин челик во Велика Британија. 

Извештајот ја повикува Европската унија да спречи трговските партнери неправедно да ги намалуваат европските индустрии и се вели дека ЕУ треба да дејствува за да се запре доделувањето статус на пазарна економија на Кина, еден од најголемите придонесувачи на дампинг на пазарите во ЕУ.

Theresa Griffin MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on industry, research and energy, said: “While the Tories have failed yet again to think long term about UK industrial strategy and how we’re going to support our local industries, Labour MEPs have for years raised concerns about the crisis facing the steel industry and repeatedly called for a strengthening of EU trade defence measures.

“Our report outlines a new forward-looking and innovative strategy on trade and investment, including measures to tackle the effects that anti-competitive practices are having on EU markets, especially the dumping of steel into UK markets form China. This strategy seeks to do more than just support UK industry – it is about ensuring workers can put food on the table, communities maintain thriving economies and industries are able to compete on a level playing field.”

Европратеникот udeуд Киртон-Дарлинг, член на меѓународниот трговски комитет на Европскиот парламент, рече: “My constituents, steel workers on Teesside, know only too well the damage that dumping is doing. Our trade defence instruments are insufficient to deal with Chinese industrial over-capacity. We have been waiting years for our own national governments to agree the modernisation of these vital tools.

“As UK ministers cry crocodile tears for our steel industry at home, abroad they give valuable contracts to Chinese investors and block the tools needed to allow a fair global market. We urgently need a proper manufacturing strategy in the UK and our trade relations are a key pillar in that agenda. Today’s vote shows MEPs are hearing the concerns of industry and the unions and acting on them.”

Дејвид Мартин, европратеник, портпарол на групата социјалисти и демократи за меѓународна трговија, додаде: “In Britain, the Tory government’s recent relationship with China has been too cosy. They rolled out the red carpet last October and gave President Xi Jinping a royal welcome. Now it appears they are willing to sacrifice British industry to please their new friends.


“China is clearly an important partner and we should welcome our continued economic cooperation – but Europe cannot roll over in the face of unfair trade practices that are damaging our industrial communities. The UK government must realise its inaction on trade has a direct link to the crisis we see back home.”

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