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#Brexit EU ‘too important to be discarded’ says Plaid Cymru leader




Лин_Вуд _-_ РондаThe EU is “too important to be discarded”, Leanne Wood has said ahead of a head-to-head debate between Nigel Farage and Welsh politician and the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones on the issue. 

Пишувајќи во Сандеј тајмс, the Plaid Cymru leader urged Wales to “speak with one voice”.  The UKIP leader and Welsh first minister will lock horns on Monday, 11 January at an event in Cardiff.  The UK is set to have a referendum by the end of 2017 on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union.

Jones and Farage will take part in a debate on the UK’s membership of the EU.  Wood said the bid for EU reform was “legitimate” but added any concerns were “far outweighed” by the benefits EU membership brings to Wales’ agricultural sector, higher education institutions and transport infrastructure.  She criticized Prime Minister David Cameron for allowing ministers to campaign for either side in the referendum, calling his decision “irresponsible and bizarre. She said the issue would “alter the terms of the debate” in the lead up to National Assembly elections in Wales on 5 May.

Новинар на ЕУ ќе им обезбеди на читателите целосна снимка од дебатата.

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