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„Војна на два фронта“: Британски новинар раскажува што се случува внатре во Украина во војна




While the Ukrainian people are bravely fighting against the Russian occupation, Ukraine’s state apparatus is still plagued by corruption, British journalist and Ukraine expert Tim White says in his new film – writes Gary Cartwright.

On Monday, February 13, Brussels hosted a presentation of the documentary by British investigative journalist Tim White “Ukraine: a war on two fronts. Fighting corruption and the enemy”. The film tells about the internal problems faced by the country, which has been resisting unprovoked full-scale Russian aggression for almost a year. In particular, it deals with corruption and cases of pressure on businesses by law enforcement agencies.

“We have analysed a number of cases that took place after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. Each of them has questions for the authorities. Law enforcement agencies either do nothing, turning a blind eye to the so-called “raiding” or lawlessness of oligarchs, or there is reason to believe that they themselves deliberately put pressure on entrepreneurs or independent politicians,” said Tim White during the presentation of his film at the Press Club Brussels Europe.

Tim White drew attention to the situation with Vladyslav Atroshenko, the mayor of frontline Chernihiv. A court in Lviv found Atroshenko guilty of a conflict of interest. His “crime” was the transportation used by his family when they tried to escape the war zone in the first days of the invasion. He claims that the authorities exerted pressure on the court. Former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, now the mayor of Kyiv, was among those who pledged support for Atroshenko, saying that Ukraine “should not roll back the democratic achievements it has worked so long and hard to achieve.”

“…what is happening now around the mayor of Chernihiv, Vladyslav Atroshenko, looks like selective justice and political history. The removal of the mayor from office through the court for an administrative violation is a precedent,” said Vitali Klitschko.

Тим Вајт ги посети и местата каде што се водеа жестоки борби пред само неколку месеци: во уништената Бородјанка кај Киев и во близина на руско-украинската граница во регионот Суми. Тој, исто така, разговараше со претприемачи во градовите во првите редови и во главниот град Киев, кои се пожалија на пречки за нивниот бизнис од безбедносните сили. Поточно, станува збор за компанијата „Аурум груп“, против која Службата за безбедност на Украина покрена кривична постапка и компанијата „Сатурн“, која се соочи со обид за заплена од напаѓач. Тим Вајт беше импресиониран од цената што украинскиот народ ја плаќа за својата слобода. Во исто време, тој беше изненаден што украинската влада не прави доволно за да го олесни животот на бизнисот.

“President Zelensky has achieved fantastic results in stopping Russia and uniting the West in helping Ukraine. However, it seems that he and his team do not understand how important transparency and a competitive business environment are for Ukraine today. After all, the country will not be able to be a constant donor of Western financial aid. Economic recovery is impossible without transparent rules of the game,” Tim White emphasises.


Bio: Tim White is a British journalist specialising in Ukraine and exposing Russian propaganda and hybrid influences. He is the author of the investigative films “Nothing but lies: Fighting fake news” (2017), “One World Cup, One War, How Much Corruption” (2018), “Russia returns to Ukraine” (2021-2022).

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