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Labour MEPs: Iran nuclear deal is a ‘victory over the obstructionists on all sides’




376767_iran-центрифугиIran nuclear talks: ‘Historic’ agreement struck

Labour MEPs have welcomed today’s announcement of a nuclear deal with Iran as one that has “probity” and represents a victory over “obstructionists”.

Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on foreign affairs, Richard Howitt MEP, who co-chaired the recent EP delegation aimed at confidence-building with Tehran over the nuclear talks, says he is proud of European leadership in securing the deal and that successful implementation of the agreement will allow Iran and Europe to re-engage.

The deal is expected to get a rough ride in the US Congress and the Iranian Parliament (the Majils), putting pressure on European countries to show good faith to Iran by demonstrating their determination to implement Europe’s own obligations.

Richard Howitt MEP said: “The fact the deadline came and went and they have still gone on to agree a deal, is a sure sign of the probity of the deal itself.

“As I saw for myself in Tehran, the cost of delay didn’t only fall on the United States but on the prospects for Iranian reformists too.

“It isn’t just mistrust between the negotiators which has had to be overcome but outright obstructionists on both sides.


“We can anticipate a rough ride in Congress and in the Majlis, so it is even more important European nations send a strong signal for Iran to fully implement the agreement by demonstrating our own good faith to do so.”

Praising the role played by EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, Howitt added: “This is a process started by three EU governments, where Europe brokered the participation of the United States and where the EU High Representative has played a decisive role in helping to deliver the final agreement.

“The deal is partly a diplomatic triumph for the European Union itself and its successful implementation can lead to Europe’s full re-engagement with Iran.

“A failure to get a deal could have led one of the powers to military action and could have fuelled a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, but now agreement opens up the prospect for greater security in the whole region.”

‘The deal negotiated with Iran is detrimental to Israel’s interest and to European interests’ – Europe Israel Press Association (EIPA)

„Овој договор ќе му дозволи на Иран да собере милијарди долари и многу е малку веројатно дека ќе видиме немирно население да го собори режимот на ајатолахот“. (EIPA)


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