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Кazakhstan: Медијаторот за мировни преговори украински




photo_30002The initiative by Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nararbayev (На сликата) да биде домаќин на 15 2015 на јануари peace talks on Ukraine in a ‘Normandy’ format came as a surprise to many, however a very positive one – Astana has a solid record of international mediation. This time the choice of the location is highly symbolic as Kazakhstan has so far been a successful international broker – a land of tolerance, promoting intercultural dialogue among civilisations and nations. The upcoming summit of the leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine is perfectly matching the international profile of the host and bringing a new global dimension to the talks – both West and East are equally interested in a prosperous Ukraine. Kazakhstan’s role as a mediator is challenging and promising at the same time.

Кога претседателот Нурсултан Назарбаев ја посети Украина, малкумина можеа да замислат тој ставајќи предлог to host Ukrainian peace talks in Astana – a twist giving new life to the process that many thought was in a profound malaise. With Ukraine’s abandonment of its neutrality status, a long shadow was cast on the peace process launched to achieve a genuine truce between Kiev and the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lughansk. The schism in Ukrainian society has was primarily of a political nature between pro-Western and pro-Russia forces, the latter obstructing the integration into the Alliance as the Kremlin’s geopolitical foe.

Сепак, и покрај овој напнат меѓународен контекст, новата иницијатива донесе процес во позитивно светло, високиот профил на лидерот на Казахстан внесува нов живот во процесот: на овој потег му претходеше посета на францускиот претседател Холандија на Астана и неочекувано запирање во Москва, јасно е резултат на медијација на претседателот на Казахстан, Назарбаев. Првиот успех го отвори патот кон следните чекори за зајакнување на мировниот процес.

Изборот на местото на разговорите се чини логичен, бидејќи Брисел и Москва ја сметаат посредничката улога на Астана во решавањето на кризата како најповолна. Низ години на соработка, Казахстан се покажа како сигурен и солиден партнер со сите страни, повторноmaining unrivalled as ‘an honest broker’, inspiring confidence and trust.

The news about foreign ministers of four countries engaging in preparations of the Summit in Astana brings the meeting on totally different level focused on working out a road map for the Ukrainian conflict resolution, with the genuine truce at first step to the directing towards a political settlement. During his visit to Kiev in the end of 2014 Nazarbayev called for search of a compromise between the conflicting parties, warning that the “confrontation and sanctions are a dead end”; the ongoing assault in the heart of Europe has creates tense political climate, and negative effects on economies of both the EU and EurAsian Economic Union.

Kazakhstan leadership increasingly profiles itself as an active international player – the initiative to host Iranian nuclear talks in Almaty showed the ambition to establish itself as a reliable communication platform between the East and West. Upcoming negotiations on Ukraine will certainly contribute to the international reputation of Kazakhstan, however the major goal is the genuine interest to find a compromise in the Ukrainian conflict, Nazarbayev referred as ‘fratricidal war’.

A vivid interest in achieving peace in Ukraine did not prevent Nararbayev’s criticism, pointing out that the fever of revolutions ‘Orange’ or ‘Maidan’ only contributed to the financial and economic crisis, leaving the беа со колосалниот долг кон меѓународните институции, во меѓувреме Казахстан еволуираше подигнувајќи го животниот стандард на населението.


Понатаму, Казахстан ја истакна својата доктрина за мултикторска надворешна политика, имајќи добри односи со сите соседи и Европа - пред само неколку месеци претседателите Назарбаев и Баросо го потпишаа подобрениот договор за партнерство и соработка меѓу ЕУ и Казахстан, чекор што не спречи понатамошна интеграција во Царинската унија.

‘Our priorities remain unchanged, – said Nazarbayev. – We will be further strengthening partnerships with neighbouring Russia, China and Central Asian states as well as with the USA, the EU and Asian countries’.

This international reputation of Kazakhstan creates a solid settings for the negotiations on Ukrainian crisis in ‘Normandy’. However the genuine will to assist in conflict resolution reflected in Kazakhstan standing offer to hold the negotiations on 15th of January, ‘or any other date convenient for the participants’. The responses in European capitals and Moscow give re-assurance that the talks will bring the conflict resolution in Ukraine on the other level, even become ‘a catalyst’ of so much desired peace process. Previously president Hollande praised the ‘special role’ Kazakhstan plays in de-escalation of tensions related to the Ukraine conflict. The similar kind of attitude have three other participants of upcoming talks – while declaring the intention to start the diplomatic year in Astana president Petro Poroshenko underlined that Ukraine has ‘serious hopes’ for peace process to be enhanced there.

Контактната група ги започна подготовките на Астана разговори веќе. претходно мир разговори на Украина ја место во четири формати Нормандија, Минск, Geneенева и Вајмар.

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