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Изјава на комесарот за здравство Vytenis Andriukaitis, комесарот за трговија, Сесилија Малстром и земјоделство и комесарот за рурален развој Фил Хоган на повторно отворање на американскиот пазар за увоз на говедско месо во ЕУ од јануари 2015




593 говедско-филе“We welcome the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) announcement that the US will progressively re-open its market to exports of beef from the European Union, starting with the Republic of Ireland. This re-opening of the market is a welcome first step to abolish the disproportionate and unjustified US ban that followed the BSE crisis of the 1990s, and to re-establish normal trading conditions. This announcement sends an important and positive signal to the other member states who have requested the US to re-establish access to the US beef market.

“It is now desirable that the US acts expeditiously to extend the approval to the rest of the European Union and to fully bring their import conditions in line with international standards. We also welcome that this move, which forms part of a growing trend, recognises the robust, comprehensive and successful measures put in place by the EU to eradicate BSE. We call on our few remaining international trading partners who still maintain restrictive measures, to fully adopt recognized international standards.”

Повторно отворање на американскиот пазар за увоз на говедско месо од ЕУ од јануари 2015 година

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