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Schulz in Lampedusa: ‘We have humanitarian obligations to help people fleeing war and persecution’




20141006PHT73012_originalEuropean Parliament President Martin Schulz was in Lampedusa on 6 October to mark the first anniversary of the tragedy on 3 October 2013 when 366 migrants lost their lives trying to reach the small island off the Sicilian coast. While in Lampedusa the president will also meet the families of victims and participate in a conference on the Mediterranean’s migration crisis.

Schulz underlined that the management of the EU’s outer borders is a common European responsibility: “Not only a Maltese, Greek, Cypriot, Spanish or Italian issue. Europe has always been a continent of immigration. People will continue to come to Europe. And we have humanitarian obligations to help people fleeing war and persecution,” he said.
Може да го прочитате говорот овде.

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