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Украина: Европската комисија усвојува законски предлози за рестриктивни мерки




германија-ургира Русија-да се заложи-за-прекин на огнот-во-украинаПретседателот Баросо ја даде следнава изјава на 25 јули: “Having been mandated to prepare a package of restrictive measures in the light of Russia’s role in destabilizing and escalating the situation in Ukraine, the European Commission tabled today a legislative proposal building on the package of targeted measures presented to member states by the Commission and the EEAS earlier this week.

“The final decision now lies with the EU’s member states, but I believe that this is an effective, well-targeted and balanced package providing the flexibility to adjust our reaction to changes on the ground.  I hope that member states will agree on this package of restrictive measures next week.

“I recall that these measures are not an end in themselves, but a means to achieve a negotiated and political solution to the crisis – which remains the EU’s firm priority. I call on Russia to take decisive steps to stop the violence and genuinely engage in peace plan discussions.”


In its conclusions on Ukraine of 22 July, the Foreign Affairs Council requested “the Commission and the EEAS to finalise their preparatory work on possible targeted measures and to present proposals for taking action, including on access to capital markets, defence, dual use goods, and sensitive technologies, including in the energy sector”.

In line with this request, on 24 July the Commission presented to the Council a document outlining a number of measures that could be taken in the areas set out by the Council conclusions and the procedure that should be followed to adopt the relevant legal instruments. The document built on the preparatory work conducted by the Commission services, in cooperation with the EEAS, in response to the mandate given by the March European Council. The Council’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) held on 24 July an exchange of views on the basis of this preparatory work and returned to this matter at its meeting on 25 July.

Given the broad agreement on the Commission’s approach, the European Commission has tabled this evening the necessary legislative proposals in all areas identified by the Council.


Што е следно?

It is now for member states to agree on the Commission’s proposals. The Council’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) is due to go through the legislative proposals next Tuesday (29 July).

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