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Committee of the Regions: Commission emergency package won’t resolve milk crisis




Крава и млеко_ржава_ewутаунманор _-_ geograph.org_.uk _-_ 799328The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has claimed that the European Commission has waited for the milk situation to become untenable for producers before announcing emergency measures. The new package, it argues, will still not tackle structural problems in the EU’s deregulated dairy sector.    

In April 2015 the CoR – the EU’s assembly of local and regional authorities – had adopted its position on the future of the dairy sector warning the European authorities that the market was deteriorating. The Commission, however, continued to insist the market would remain favourable in the short to medium term and that the abolition of quotas would not be problematic. CoR President Markku Markkula said: “The Commission must introduce measures to safeguard producers’ incomes and examine the Market Responsibility Programme put forward by the European Milk Board which should be applied when the milk market is threatened by imbalance”.

René Souchon, President of the Auvergne Region in France who led the CoRs’ opinion, believes the Commission has failed to grasp the full extent of the problem since it offers only a one-off aid measure which will not deliver a medium or long term solution. The CoR is therefore asking the EU’s agriculture ministers to place pressure on the Commission during the Agriculture Council meeting on 15 September to complement the emergency measures with a series of measures of a more structural nature.

КО, од своја страна, ги даде следниве препораки:
> Подигање на нивото на безбедносна мрежа за ограничен период со цел да се справат со претстојната криза, во очекување на спроведување на друг механизам;
>      strengthening the role of producers’ organisations so that they play a clear economic role in managing prices and supply and improving the effectiveness of the contract system by making it available to the whole sector and including large-scale retailers in particular;
> подобрување на работата на Европската опсерваторија за пазар на млеко и обезбедување на потребните ресурси за оваа опсерваторија да стане вистински управувачки механизам, а не само алатка за пост хок набудување. За таа цел, од витално значење е опсерваторијата да произведува податоци во реално време на скала под-земја-членка, да ја земе предвид разновидноста во околностите помеѓу европските региони и;
> преземање итни мерки за заштита на приходите на сите млекопроизводители, согласно предлозите на Европскиот одбор за млеко.

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