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Меѓународен ден на демократијата: Повик за будење и за Европа




С & Д_логоSpeaking on today’s (16 September) International Day of Democracy – this year dedicated to young people and their contribution to democracy – S&D MEP and vice-president Tanja Fajon said: “Today is an opportunity to reflect on the state of democracy in the world but also in Europe. Democracy is not just about setting principles on the rule of law, media freedom, the fight against discrimination and respect for integrity and human dignity; democracy is a process we should all constantly strive for.

“Nowadays European democracy faces two major problems: first, the lack of trust in our own political systems and institutions, and second, the rise of extremist nationalisms, which have found their way to power in some EU countries. We must not forget that democracy is not self-evident.

“Our values and democratic principles of the rule of law and respect for human and minority rights must be safeguarded. As European Socialists and Democrats, we urge all citizens to become active. Only through greater political participation and co-operation at all levels can we truly make a difference. Without the active voice of the people, especially the young, our democracy will never be healthy.”

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