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Одговор на ЕУ за #Други: Комисијата да забрани две нови #Психоактивни супстанции




The European Commission has proposed to ban two new psychoactive substances (NPS) – cycloproplyfentanyl and methoxyacetylfentanyl – across the European Union. These strong synthetic opioids can cause severe harm to health, sometimes resulting in death, and pose a growing threat to European citizens.

Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said: “We have taken quick and decisive steps to stop illicit drugs from spreading across Europe – in 2017 we have proposed to ban 16 new psychoactive substances and put in place stronger EU-wide rules. Today, we are following up on the efforts to better protect Europeans from dangerous drugs and propose to ban two new, potentially life-threatening, substances. We need to stay vigilant, continue our work and monitor the situation closely – in the coming weeks we will present a report with the main drug use trends in the EU.”

Според Европскиот центар за дрога и зависности од дрога за следење (EMCDDA), cycloproplyfentanyl and methoxyacetylfentanyl are associated with a total of 90 deaths so far across the EU and a number of acute intoxications. The substances are sold online in small and wholesale amounts as “research chemicals” or as “legal” replacements of illicit opioids. The Commission’s proposal will now be discussed by the member states in the Council, which, in consultation with the European Parliament, will decide whether to adopt the measures.

Повеќе информации за трендовите во користењето на дрога во Европа се достапни онлајн Извештај за дрога на ЕУ 2017.

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