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Претседателот Јункер во #G20 во Хамбург: Предупредува против протекционизам




Претседателот на Комисијата Жан-Клод Јункер и комесар Пјер Московици присуствуваа на самитот G20 во Хамбург денес (7 јули) и утре. Under the German G20 Presidency, the G20 nations will be meeting under the motto ‘Shaping an interconnected world’.

This morning, President Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk held a joint press conference ahead of the start of the G20 Summit. Speaking of the global economy outlook, President Juncker said: “This year, we are meeting with the wind in our sails. All 28 member states of the EU are growing. Since 2013, ten million jobs have been created in the European Union. We have the lowest unemployment За девет години. There are 233 million Europeans at work – the highest employment rate we have ever had in the European Union.”

President Juncker also said that “going back to protectionism is not the way ahead” instead, the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement concluded yesterday, was the right way forward, adding that this agreement takes account of all European interests and high standards related to labour, environment and data protection.

President Juncker underlined the importance of a partnership with Africa and described climate change as “the biggest challenge for the future”. Concrete G20 commitments in support of Africa are central to the Summit. Work at G20 Summit will take place in four working sessions on: 1. Global Growth and Trade; 2. Sustainable Development, Climate and Energy; 3. Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health and 4. Digitalization, Women’s Empowerment and Employment. The EU’s priorities for the G20 Summit are outlined in the заедничко писмо Од страна на претседателите Јункер и Туск испратени до шефовите на држави или влади на ЕУ на 4 јули.

President Juncker’s press remarks are available овде.

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