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Лидерот #UKIP Дајан Џејмс стои надолу по само 18 денови




_91522753_џејмс_паЛидерката на УКИП Дајан Џејмс (На сликата) се откажува од функцијата 18 дена откако беше избрана.

Во изјава за весникот Тајмс, she said she would not be “formalizing my recent nomination”.

The 56-year-old MEP for South East England said she did not have “sufficient authority” to see through changes she had planned.

James succeeded Nigel Farage on 16 September after he quit in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

Таа не назначи заменик, а претставниците на УКИП не можеа да кажат кој ја води партијата.

Speaking to Radio 4’s денес Програмата, Оукден рече дека ќе провери со Изборната комисија за да види кој е лидерот на партијата и призна дека технички може да биде Фараж.

Asked whether Farage would return to lead the party again, Oakden said it was “very unlikely” but added: “I wouldn’t say anything is impossible”.


However, Farage told the BBC that he was “technically” party leader again but would not be contesting any future leadership contest.

Oakden previously said he would look to hold an emergency meeting of the party’s national executive committee to confirm the process for electing Ms James’s replacement.

“Whilst the decision is unfortunate, it is one that Diane is entitled to make. We thank her for all her work as leader, and as a hard-working MEP, a role she will continue with her customary vigour.”

Џејмс, кој ја објави изјава за Тајмс на нејзиниот Твитер профил, рече дека уште од нејзиниот избор разговарала со партиски службеници за нејзината улога како лидер.

“It has become clear that I do not have sufficient authority, nor the full support of all my MEP colleagues and party officers to implement changes I believe necessary and upon which I based my campaign,” she said.

“For personal and professional reasons therefore, I will not take the election process further.”

The former Conservative councillor, who defected to UKIP in 2011, said she will “continue to concentrate fully” on her activities and responsibilities as an MEP, adding it was her “final media statement on the issue”.

Се смета дека нејзината одлука делумно се должи и на семејна болест.

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