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Ashley Fox: #UKIP consumed by ‘infighting and total disarray’




ashleyfox2Коментирајќи во врска со оставката на Diane Џејмс како лидер на британскиот пратеник, член на Европскиот парламент Фокс Ешли (На сликата), leader of Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament, said today (5 October): “Diane James’ resignation after just 18 days in charge reveals what has been clear for some time, that UKIP is consumed by infighting and in total disarray.

“Her admission that she does not have the support of either her MEP colleagues in Brussels or party officials in the UK to implement the changes that formed the basis of her successful leadership campaign is extraordinary.

“With Labour also a rudderless shambles, it is clearer than ever that the Conservatives are the only party fit and able to lead Britain.”

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