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#Greens: Европската зелена партија Пролетниот совет започнува во Утрехт




зелена планетаЗа време на тридневниот Совет, почнувајќи од денес (3.), Зелените партии од цела Европа се собираат да разговараат за иднината на Европа.

On the occasion, the European Green Party’s Co-Chairs, Monica Frassoni and Reinhard Bütikofer, released the following statement: “At this European Green Party Council we want to explore the great challenge of a supranational democracy that is still to be achieved. Here, we will discuss what keeps or should keep Europe together, and why we believe that a well-functioning and legitimate European democracy is an indispensable condition to achieve our Green goals.

“This European Green Party Council meeting will also demonstrate that, for Greens, a social and environmental transformation of our economies is at the center of building a good European future. This economic transformation necessitates common European approaches to the issues of industry, innovation, social inclusion, climate justice and trade.

“This is why in this Council we will deal with Europe’s: trade negotiations; steel industry; circular economy; energy policy and carbon divestment movement. The European project will not be defended just by citing European values alone. We want to provide Green answers to the bread and butter issues that concern all its citizens.”

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