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Кирхоуп: „Разенот на PNR сè уште е поставен за крајот на 2015 година“




Тимотеј KirkhopeResponding to questions regarding the current pace of talks on an EU-PNR agreement, the European Parliament’s rapporteur, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, said: “I have always been committed to reaching an urgent agreement on an EU PNR system. The parliament adopted its negotiating mandate before the summer and we are now working to reconcile our position with the Council and Commission.

“I am still committed to our original timetable of reaching agreement by the end of 2015, but this will need significant cooperation from the Council, Commission and other parliamentary political groups.

“The EU PNR system is not a silver bullet, but it is clear that we need stronger intelligence gathering and sharing tools in place, and the requisite data protection guarantees alongside them.”

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