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Саудискиот блогер Раиф Бадави победи 2015 наградата Сахаров




о-Раиф-Бадави-фејсбукСаудискиот блогер Раиф Бадави (На сликата) has won the EU’s prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, after a decision of the European Parliament’s group leaders this morning.   Mr Badawi was nominated for the award by the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group, alongside several other parliamentary groups. 

Тој во моментов отслужува десетгодишна казна, со 1,000 удари со камшик, за формирање веб-страница што поттикнува политички дискурс во Саудиска Арабија. Раиф Бадави ги доби првите 50 удари со камшик во јануари 2015 година, но беше објавено дека остатокот од казната може да продолжи наскоро. Наградата Сахаров е основана во декември 1988 година од страна на Европскиот парламент како средство за чест на поединци и групи луѓе кои своите животи ги посветиле на одбраната на човековите права и слободата на мислата.

Previous laureates include Aung San Suu Kyi and Malala Yousafzai. Syed Kamall, leader of the ECR Group, which nominated and supported Mr Badawi’s case for the Sakharov Prize, said:  “I am delighted that Raif Badawi has won this prize. This is a prize for freedom of thought, and I can think of nobody more deserving than a man imprisoned for encouraging open debate in a country where it is not tolerated.

“This prize should send out a strong signal to Saudi Arabia that freedom of speech and thought is a universal right. Saudi Arabia can lock up the man and they can lash him, but they will only strengthen amongst his countrymen the yearning for free speech and debate that he stands for.  We award this prize in December and I very much hope that by then Raif Badawi will be able to collect it in person.”

Mark Demesmaeker, ECR human rights spokesman, added:  “A blogger does not belong in a dark cell and does not deserve lashes. He deserves to be cherished, especially by a country chairing the UN Human Rights Council.”

Peter van Dalen, co-chair of the ECR’s policy group in religious freedom, added:  “The ECR policy group on religious freedom seeks to bring justice to unjust legal systems like these. We believe the EU needs to reform its diplomatic posture towards Saudi Arabia, such that we promote religious freedom for all, and work to repeal injustices like blasphemy laws – of which Mr. Badawi has fallen victim.”


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