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UK election: ‘I want to govern one UK’ – Cameron




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David Cameron says he wants to bring the UK together, claiming the Conservatives appear to have achieved “a very strong night”.  As the SNP continue to sweep Labour and the Lib Dems out of Scotland, the prime minister said he wanted to govern “one nation, one United Kingdom”.

The BBC suggests Mr Cameron’s Tory Party is on course to win 325 seats, enough for a Commons majority.

Speaking at the count in his Witney constituency, Mr Cameron said it was “too early to say exactly what sort of result” would emerge from the election.

But he said: “This is clearly a very strong night for the Conservative Party – I think we’ve had a positive response to a positive campaign…

“My main aim is simply to govern on the basis of governing for everyone in our United Kingdom.”

Former Conservative leadership contender David Davis said was “a reasonable chance” the party would win the election outright.


“It depends exactly on the numbers – I think there’s a reasonable chance that we’ll actually get above 326 [the figure needed to command a majority],” he said.

Професорот Johnон Кертис, кој ги водеше операциите за излез-анкета, исто така, посочи дека конзервативците може да постигнат вкупно мнозинство.

Егзит-анкетата очекуваше промена на еден поен кон лабуристите на тоа седиште, кога во пракса имаше замав од три точки кон Ториевците.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, who won the Uxbridge and Ruislip South seat with a 10,000-vote majority, said: “We’re very excited by some of the results that are coming through. Overall, I think it’s been an amazing night for the Conservatives.”

Но, тој рече дека сите страни мора да водат сметка за подемот на СНП во Шкотска.

“There has to be some sort of federal offer” in light of the huge increase in SNP MPs, he said.

Conservative Chief Whip Michael Gove described the exit poll figures as “an unprecedented vote of confidence in David Cameron”.

Mr Cameron would enjoy “considerable authority”, he said, and it would be “by any measure a success” for him.

Премиерот претходно сугерираше дека нешто помалку од вкупното мнозинство би било неуспешно.

But Labour’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said she was “puzzled” by the exit poll and urged people to wait for the results before making predictions.

“It doesn’t reflect any of the conversations and responses we’ve had,” she said.

Home Secretary Theresa May said a high turnout among voters would suggest people were “captivated by this campaign and the importance of this general election”.

If the Conservatives do enjoy the success predicted in the exit poll, they could look to the Liberal Democrats – forecast to win 10 seats – to provide some additional support.

DUP member Sammy Wilson said there would be “a price” to pay if his party entered any form of coalition with the Conservatives.

“The emphasis will be on getting the government at Westminster to recognise the economic difficulties we have in Northern Ireland,” he told the BBC.

This would include looking at the impact terrorism has had on Northern Ireland’s infrastructure and rebuilding the economy to make it less dependent on the public purse, he said.


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