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Изјава на Пат Кокс, поранешен претседател на Европскиот парламент Квашњевски и Александар, поранешен претседател на Полска, ко-претседавачи на мисијата на Европскиот парламент за следење на Украина




A576604E-5DAD-41A9-A9D2-1DC4DEB7F42F_mw1024_n_s“As the country is living through the most remarkable historic changes in its modern history; we would like to express to the people of Ukraine our admiration, our support and our encouragement.

“In 2012 and 2013, we made 27 visits to Ukraine aimed at helping Ukraine overcome the obstacles on its pathway to the Association Agreement with the European Union and to find a solution to cases of selective justice including that of Yulia Tymoshenko. We are extremely pleased to welcome her freedom.

“We wish to pay our deepest respects to all who have died during the past few weeks and to offer our sincere condolences to all families and relatives of Maidan’s victims. Major political changes are taking place in Ukraine as a result of the extraordinary mobilization of the Ukrainian people fighting for a better future and a more democratic and European Ukraine.

“These achievements have come at a great cost to Ukraine. Too many have been killed due to the failure of the previous administration to listen to citizens’ clamour for change. Justice is necessary, fair Justice, in line with Ukraine’s international commitments. Revenge would be to repeat the mistakes of the past.

“The large mobilization in Kyiv and in many other cities must have regard to those many Ukrainians who today are worried about their future and that of their country. The next government of Ukraine must work for the future of all Ukrainians without exception to ensure stability, to guarantee the unity of the country and to pave the way for transformation.

“Key to avoid disappointing the high expectations of all Ukrainians will be the effective fight against corruption and cronyism which poisons Ukraine’s politics and political class, as well as real reform of the judicial and electoral systems to ensure a truly democratic future for Ukraine.

“The international community and in particular the European Union urgently must support Ukraine in preserving its territorial integrity and in facilitating in all ways possible the country’s passage to greater democracy, justice and prosperity. The EU must also strive to develop a positive and constructive engagement with Russia on Ukraine’s regional relations.”


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