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Изјава на претседателот на ЕЕСС, Анри Малосе: „Осуда на политиката на украинската влада против демократијата и нејзиниот народ“




централно-киев“After the last events that took place in Kiev a few hours ago and which led to the deaths of many civilians, it is time to stop hiding from the truth and condemn these violations of human rights and democracy.   

“A few weeks ago, the European Economic and Social Committee of which I am currently the president adopted a resolution in order to open the dialogue for a way out of this crisis but asking at the same time for sanctions against those in charge of these fundamental rights violations that were committed over the first few months against the civilians that gathered at the Maidan Square.

“Right now, in light of recent events, the European Union has to impose immediate sanctions. And I am asking the leaders of the other European institutions to declare publicly that they disapprove of the use of the unacceptable methods of Viktor Ianoukovitch’s government. If the European Union does not act, it will end up guilty of the crimes that were committed a few kilometres away from its frontiers.”

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