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#EuropeanClimatePolicy: Сакате ли ЕУ да се или не?




животната средина за управување со системOn the occurrence of the Environment Council of 4 March, Reinhard Bütikofer, Member of the European Parliament and Co-Chair of the European Green Party states:”The task is both easy and difficult at the same time.”

He added: “The environment ministers must agree on a decision that brings the EU on a pathway that is in line with the climate goals as agreed in Paris. Achieving that means:

  1. Подигање на целната ефикасност за 2030 од 27 до 40%.
  2. Зголемување на обновливата цел значително над нискиот број на 27% до 2030.
  3. Заеднички напори за реформа на Европската шема за тргување со емисии.
  4. Јасен фокус на одржливоста за европски истражувања и развој, како и инвестициски фондови и програми.

“If Europe wants to maintain its status as a leader in climate policy then the EU needs to show ambition today. The world is not waiting for Europe. China is cutting back its use of coal; strengthening the issue of Green Finance; and is about to introduce a national emissions trading scheme itself. India has just doubled its tax on polluting energy from coal once again, while Japan has substantially raised its own climate goals. In Morocco, the price of the kWh from wind has dropped to 3 cents. In Texas, the price for a barrel of oil would have to drop to around 7 USD to be able to compete with local solar energy. Those who are missing out on these developments will ultimately get the bill from their competitors.”

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