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# Таксирање: С & Д ги враќаат јасните приоритети за силен извештај за затајување данок




Даноци концепт. Збор на папката регистар на индекс картичка. Селективно Фокус.

Специјалниот даночен комитет на Европскиот парламент одлучи да изготви извештај за напредокот постигнат од ЕУ во борбата против затајувањето данок. Пратеникот од С & Д Евро, ppепе Кофод ќе биде еден од двајцата известувачи. Овој извештај ќе ги следи препораките дадени во извештајот изготвен од пратеничката на S&D Euro, Елиса Фереира, за време на првиот специјален даночен комитет.

S&D spokesperson on the special tax committee, Peter Simon, said: “The fight for tax justice lies at the very heart of our political family. With last night’s decision, S&D MEPs have once again demonstrated that we are the driving force behind decisive action on tax evasion and aggressive tax planning.

“We want to secure workable solutions and real change. That is also why we are insisting on an ambitious work plan in order to achieve conclusions that will have a meaningful impact.

“We will be summoning multinational companies, commissioners, and other persons, entities or organisations that might help to uncover the shady practices of tax dodging – and we will do so based on objective criteria.”

S&D co-rapporteur for the special tax committee II report, Jeppe Kofod, added: “With this report we will expand, intensify and renew our investigation into the tax practices of both multinational companies and tax jurisdictions – be they EU member states or not. We will adopt a holistic approach to this crucial matter and we will shine a light on the human cost of illegal tax practices.

“Tax evasion effectively undermines our welfare by depriving society from important resources. Those who engage in it make themselves responsible for the loss of welfare, the loss of jobs and the loss of economic growth. Everyone should pay their fair share of tax. No more, no less. My goal will be to uncover the human cost of tax evasion and aggressive tax planning and to put forward concrete demands and recommendations.”


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