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ЕЕСК го поздравува комисија Жан-Клод Јункер




531432At the 505th plenary session of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Jean-Claude Juncker will present his propositions of the European Commission’s policy in the years ahead and discuss both the Committee’s expectations and the key points of its contribution its contribution to the 2015 work programme. The meeting will also focus on the development of the 2020 Strategy. Guntram Wolff, director of Bruegel, a European think tank, will present an analysis of economic and social issues and the main challenges for civil society with a view to the mid-term review.
Пленарна сесија на ЕЕСК – 18-19 февруари 2015 година со претседателот на Европската комисија, Жан-Клод Јункер, зградата на Карло Велики (Европска комисија), соба Де Гаспери (3-ти кат), Брисел.
Гледајте на пленарна седница овде – The full agenda is available овде
Мислењата што треба да се дискутираат вклучуваат:
 • Годишно истражување за раст (известувач: Лобо Ксавиер) Повеќе
The EESC welcomes the European Commission’s intentions of refreshing European policies as  proposed in the Annual Growth Survey. With a view to the Investment Plan, however, it is crucial to establish appropriate conditions for partnership-based investment involving both the private and public sectors. Regarding the financial responsibility, greater uniformity is required in the presentation of member states’ budgetary situations in order to simplify comparisons and streamline the process of finding solutions.
• Напредок во стратегијата за 2020 година и како да се постигнат нејзините цели (Известувач: Барат) Повеќе
Linking the 2020 Strategy to the “Digital Agenda for Europe” flagship initiative is an important step, but  it also has to be more closely connected with the Investment Plan. Furthermore, investments  supported by the Structural and Cohesion Funds have to be brought in line with the European Fund for Strategic Investments while sustainability has to be the focus of all projects. For the sake of better governance, there should be a ‘one-stop shop’ to ensure effective co-ordination and rationalization of tasks and procedures. • Улогата на кооперативните и штедилниците во територијалната кохезија (Известувач: Триас Пинто) Повеќе
It is vital to preserve the “biodiversity” of the financial system and the EESC applauds the European Commission for having considered the specific features of cooperative and savings banks in the new  financial regulation framework. The EESC recommends the use of objective parameters that justify a calibrated regulation for each business model. It proposes that the financial authorities should offer incentives to those actors who best comply with strong ethical standards and codes of good governance, which should apply to all kinds of banks.

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