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Pittella: ‘German right-wing forces must stop acting like a sheriff in Greece’




о-Џани-PITTELLA-фејсбукСледниве извештаи во Дер Шпигел дека канцеларката Ангела Меркел би можела да биде подготвена да го прифати грчкиот излез од еврозоната и реакцијата на германските власти, претседателот на групата социјалисти и демократи Џани Питела (На сликата) said: “German right-wing forces trying to act like a sheriff in Greece or any other member states are not only unacceptable but above all wrong. These attitudes can only produce feelings of anger and repulsion towards the European Union among European citizens. What is more, from a political point of view, continuing to blindly defend austerity will only encourage Eurosceptic and Europhobic movements throughout Europe.

“A hypothetical Greek exit from the eurozone is just not an option. Greece’s membership of the euro is irreversible. Moreover, it could create a very dangerous domino effect.

“For the upcoming Greek election, the S&D Group will commit to support all progressive forces in order to open up a new era where fiscal discipline is fully combined with flexibility, investment and growth, as well as measures to promote social justice and employment. If not, we risk the erosion of democracy.”

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