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„Крајот на банкарската тајна е чекор напред во борбата против даночната евазија“, вели S&D




100351804-банка_волт2_гетиП.1910х1000На 14 октомври, европратениците од С & Д ја поздравија одлуката на министрите за финансии на ЕУ за ставање крај на банкарската тајна.

S&D Group Vice President responsible for economic and monetary affairs Maria Joao Rodrigues said: “The end of bank secrecy through the automatic exchange of information between national tax administrations is a major breakthrough in the fight against tax fraud.

“In recent years the socialists and the democrats have led the campaign against tax fraud and tax evasion which represents a 1000 billion euros loss for EU member states each year.

“Further progress is  needed however, if Europe wants to be even more efficient in combating tax fraud and evasion. In particular, we call for strong action against aggressive tax planning by large companies and an end to tax havens.”

Eva Kaili, rapporteur for the Annual Taxation Report said: “Abolishing bank secrecy is the key to a healthy, democratic and accountable economy. It is vital that all loopholes for shadow banking, anti-money laundering and tax havens are closed so that we can move on from the crisis and focus on creating sustainable growth and jobs under the right conditions.”

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